Modes of Transportation

July 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

In Tanzania, motorbike taxis are a very common form of transportation. Gas costs less than it does for a car, so prices are lower for both driver and passenger. Motorbikes can navigate the roads here numerous potholes much more easily. Motorbikes, here known as “piki piki,” are also about a bajillion times more fun, if not also slightly more dangerous since you’re essentially hiring some rando dude to let you go for a ride on the back of his motorcycle in a country where there are no roads and essentially no traffic laws without a helmet. Whee! So fun!

(It’s not as bad as all that though. The terrible roads, traffic, cattle, crazy pedestrians and old cars keep everyone moving at a nice, slow 30 mph tops.)


Piki pikis are my favorite way to get around because for what comes out to approximately $1.25 US, I can get someone to take me on a motorcycle ride anywhere I want to go. It transforms the roads from an automobile roller coaster of misery to an exciting theme park of fun jumps, twists and bumps. You don’t get hot on the back of a piki piki like you do in a windows-up-no-AC car.

Most importantly, Dollar twenty-five motorcycle rides!!


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