Golden Threads

July 2, 2012 § 3 Comments

Even on the worst days, when I have fleas or disappointments or struggles, I am so profoundly grateful to be alive in this wondrous world. Most days the joy I feel inside is so abundant I wonder if my spirit is going to burst from it and shatter in a million glittering pieces like so much fairy dust.

I’ve been a lot of places and met a lot of people. Not as much or many as some, but enough. Enough to know that people, people everywhere, are good.

There is so much love, kindness and generosity in the world, from the young grandmother that works the locker counter in the Montreal airport to the Tanzanian man that lives on a dollar a day in order to tirelessly devote everything he has and is to improving the futures of his sisters and brothers.

I’ve had a fellow volunteer make me a flower out of a paper napkin just to see me smile because he loves to see everybody smile, a young boy pull me out of the way of traffic, an old man kiss me on the cheek and call me granddaughter. I’ve had a woman who I only met for night send me encouraging emails filled with love and friendship almost daily, old friends go out of their way to make me feel loved, remembered and included from across the world, and a baby girl kiss my cheeks and tell me she loves me.

I’ve seen a man sell his home, quit his job and move to a developing country to dedicate his life to healing children. I’ve seen this more than once. I’ve seen tourists pay to drag giant bags full of new clothes and shoes all the way here without having any idea of who they’re going to give it to, the knowledge that someone needs it being enough to justify the expense.

I’ve met a financially struggling old man who donates over a thousand dollars a year of his meager retirement to children he’s never met but whose pictures he lovingly keeps in his wallet. And when he speaks of the futures he hopes his sponsee children will have, his eyes shine with tears of joy, hope and promise.

I have met so many people from so many places. The love we, as humans, freely give to one another is astonishing in its magnitude and variety of forms. When you look for the love, you will find it in every nook and corner of your life and the life of every person you see. The golden threads that weave us together in love and community are subtle, but strong. Once you start seeing them, it’s impossible to ever see anything else.


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